John J. Morris Post 62

Welcome to Our Website

For those new to our website: You DO NOT need to sign-in to view any part of this website. The sign-in is only for those authorized to make changes to the website.

We are located at 9847 W. Desert Cove Ave., Peoria AZ 85345 off of 99th Ave (east side). We are north of Peoria Ave., and south of Sun City Blvd. Specifically, we are the big red brick building just south of the Immanuel Campus of Care nursing home. 

We have a full-service kitchen with a dining room (doubles as our Bingo Hall) and a social quarters (a.ka., bar) where you can dance or play pool or a game of electronic Bingo. We are a non-smoking post. There is an outside patio on the west side for smokers that has sunscreens that can be lowered and a misting system to cool things off a bit. You can bring your drink out to the patio. However, you can't take your drink onto the sidewalk or out to the parking lot - your membership will be suspended for such an infraction.

Queen of Hearts Update - With the increase in ticket sales, starting 20 Sep 2021 @ 4 pm, Post Officers will again be selling the Queen of Hearts tickets just inside the west entrance door as you enter. We will also be checking membership cards as we have done in the past. This will continue until we have a winner. Good luck!

IMPORTANT NOTICE - PLEASE SEE THE POST OFFICER PAGE; listed under Post Information. Thank you.

ATTENTION: We have an air conditioning issue that affects the Bingo Hall. The new replacement units are on backorder due to shipping delays across the nation. The estimated delivery could stretch out until October. We have installed the new digital thermostats that will regulate the temperature throughout the building. These new t-stats can only be modified by smartphone, so please do not destroy the plastic boxes in your attempt to access something that cannot be changed by you. NOTE: The air conditioning for the Social Quarters is working just fine!!!!!


Speaking of destroying: There have been a rash of people having a little too much to drink and wanting to duke it out with somebody. Act like veterans and not civilians. Thank you.


The new 2022 membership cards are now available

You can renew by mailing in a check for $45 made out to: American Legion Post 62. NOTE: On your Renewal Notice, don’t forget to update your phone number contact and your email address (if you have one). For those that prefer, you can come to the Post and pay in person with check or cash or credit card (at the bar). If the membership person isn’t available, the employees behind the bar will accept your membership dues and give you a paid receipt. The last option is to pay online with a credit or debit card at: NOTE: The price of the postage stamp is scheduled to increase from 55 to 58 cents on 29 August 2021. It doesn't cost you a cent to renew online or bring it into the post - just saying!


No General Membership Meetings (GMM) this summer

We have suspended the  the July / August / September General Membership Meetings. Historically, very few attend these meetings due to the summer heat or being out of town (Snowbirds). And, occasionally, there wasn’t enough people for a quorum. The next General Membership Meeting will be 19 October 2021.

For those members who are transferring here from another Post, your current membership card (2021) will suffice.

And for new members: when you fill out an application (online or in person), you will need to come into the Post and see one of the employees behind the bar to pay your $45 dues. They will give you a receipt that is your temporary membership card until you are voted on at our next General Membership Meeting on the 19th of October. 



Live entertainment for Saturday's to return in October.

Check our website calendar for more information. 







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