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About Us

We are located at 9847 W. Desert Cove Ave., Peoria AZ 85345 off of 99th Ave (east side). We are north of Peoria Ave., and south of Sun City Blvd. Specifically, we are the big red brick building just south of the Immanuel Campus of Care nursing home. We have a full-service kitchen with a dining room (doubles as our Bingo Hall) and a social quarters (a.ka., bar) where you can dance or play pool or a game of electronic Bingo. We are a non-smoking post. There is an outside patio on the west side for smokers that has a misting system and shade screens.



The big membership renewal push from July through the end of December is done. Starting 1 January, and through the end of June, I move back to volunteering at the Post on Tuesdays & Thursdays only from 9 am to 3 pm (unless the Commander needs me there more often). For the month of January 2023, and until the Queen of Hearts Raffle is won, I will be in the Social Quarters at the west entrance (look for red canopy) from 3 pm to 8 pm on Monday's to check for current 2023 (or PUFL) membership cards - no current membership card, no entry. I hated having to turn away 22 members who didn't have their card. NOTE: We have nothing to do with membership cards from other Posts and cannot fix it for you. I will also be handing out those 2023 membership cards (approx. 150) that are behind the bar waiting for members to pick up. And, I may be helping sell Queen of Hearts Raffle tickets. There will be NO membership renewals accepted or processed (Legion, Auxiliary or SON's) on Mondays during the 3 pm to 8 pm timeframe as it was causing a gridlock at the door. 

You can also renew ONLINE by going to  and click “Renew Now” to safely and conveniently pay your  dues. Once a member enters the information requested, he or she can set the account for automatic annual renewal, as well as select the option to receive email renewal notices instead of notices through the mail. If the membership is current, he or she may still choose to sign up for automatic annual renewal and/or to receive renewal notices by email only. Automatic renewal can also be set up by calling the toll-free American Legion customer service line at (800) 433-3318Once you renew, within 24 hours, National will notify your Adjutant who will mail your membership card to you, so ensure your Legion file has a correct mailing address, phone number contact, and email address if you want to get important notices from YOUR Post 62.


SON's Ghost 26 Phantom Bikes Motorized Bicycle Raffle

1 Feb - During the SON's Chicken Fried Steak Dinner, they will be selecting the winning raffle ticket for this motorized bicycle.

Raffle tickets are $20 each or 6 for $100...while tickets last. The drawing will be at 6:30 pm.



My supplier tells me that Girl Scout cookies arrived on 14 Jan 2023. I have arranged for cookie sales at the post during Monday's Queen of Hearts on 6 February from 5-7 pm...while quantities last!.

For those who are selling the cookies, they best time to sell them at our Post is on Fridays between 4 and 7 during our Fish Fry Open to the Public. Just let me know if this is something you would like to do (


 After Bar Bingo on 12 Feb 2023.


Service Officer Needed

Our current officer, Dan Majors, had to resign due to family issues. A member of our post, Jerry Snyder, is stepping up until another officer is appointed by the Commander. Jerry will be available by appointment only @ 623-385-6393. 

Accredited American Legion service officers are specially trained to provide expert assistance, free of charge, to veterans and their families. While the majority of a service officer’s work involves application for VA disability benefits, these compassionate professionals also provide information, referrals and resources on education, employment and business, death benefits and other important topics.

Documents that may help support a VA disability claim

If possible, have the following ready when you make your call:

Separating personnel should ensure that all of the information (including awards, overseas time, campaigns, RE code, etc.) on the DD 214 is correct before signing. Uncorrected errors may cause problems in the future when applying for VA and other benefits.

Post Historian Needed

With the passing of our Historian, Debbie Sicard, we are looking for somone to fill in at this position. The work of post historian is cumulative. It is wise to leave the responsibility to one person if handled well. There should be close cooperation between the post adjutant and the historian. The former works with records on matters of current interest, the latter on matters of historical interest. The post historian should also keep in touch with the department historian and be prompt in answering inquiries. An annual report should be made to the department historian prior to the department convention. Copies of printed material regarding the post should be deposited in local and state libraries, as well as in the post and department archives. This will prevent complete loss of records through fire or other catastrophe, as well as provide source material for those looking for information about The American Legion. An outline for a one-year post narrative history and yearbook is provided in the appendix (see pages 125-134). THE AMERICAN LEGION | OFFICER’S GUIDE | 18 2022 The post historian should attend department conventions and make a point of knowing what historians of nearby posts are doing. The department historian can advise post historians on department and national post history contests, historians associations, and materials to assist in maintaining best practices.



During the last state convention in Oro Valley, department representatives said that affected veterans should be aware and cautious when calling one of those agencies advertising on TV. Bergman & Moore LLC have Legion support. You can go to and click on The Camp Lejuene link that will take you to their site.    


Queen of Hearts

The pot is now at $ 11,425 as of 24 Jan 2023. Candy Naegle's name was called; she chose Card #31 which was the 2 of Hearts. Raffle is open to only American Legion Family members 21 years of age or older with a current year 2023 or PUFL American Legion membership card. Note: Tentative new members aren’t eligible to play until voted in by their prospective General Membership Meeting (Legion, Auxiliary & Sons) and have an American Legion membership card in their possession. It is the responsibility of members who participate in this raffle to stay current on the Queen of Hearts Raffle rules posted with the cards.  There is a question about Guests, especially when the Post gets crowded as the Queen of Hearts raffle pot gets up above $50,000. The maximum occupancy of Post 62 is 306. As per our House Rules, "All guests eligible for membership in the American Legion are asked to join. Those electing not to do so will have visitation privileges discontinued after three (3) visits in one year." Wives of members fall into this category as they are eligible to join the Auxiliary. This could become an issue as the crowd builds along with the size of the pot! Because this is a fire safety rule, a post officer will be keeping track and may stop members or guests from entering at that point. 



RED (Remember Everyone Deployed) shirts are now available at the Post; Men's sizes Large, X-Large and XX-Large. For the Ladies, V-neck sizes are: S, M, Large, X-Large and XX-Large for $20 each. Get yours today while quantities last!



DID YOU KNOW? If you buy the winning Powerball or Mega Millions jackpot ticket at Post 62, as an incentive, the Post gets a $50,000 reward for selling that ticket - something to think about! 




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