John J. Morris Post 62

Last Day for Early Bird Renewals is 11 Nov 2020

We are OPEN!!!

In the past few weeks, there have been 3 anonymous and 1 in-person complaint about things happening at the post. In order to keep the post open (and protect our liquor license), the officers, employees and volunteers of Post 62 are still working to ensure the post can remain open. This means you should be prepared for the following changes:

Please note that we have to comply with the Arizona Deparment of Health Services. It doesn't matter that other similar places aren't doing this (they probably didn't have any anonymous complaints). The officers are tasked with keeping this post open - all we need is you to bring this place ALIVE.  

 Please visit this website often as more information becomes available. Also see our newsletter as well. 


Volunteers Needed

Please spread the word. If we don't get the volunteers, we may have to reduce our hours of operation because we don't have enough volunteers to meet the requirements.
There are now challenges associated with reopening of Post 62 under the requirements of the Arizona Department of Health Services. The primary reason is to keep the post open; the secondary reason is to keep from losing our liquor license.
Since we are open from 10 am to 8 pm, one of those challenges is the requirement that we need more people (volunteers) to help us ensure compliance with the Public Health measures; 7 days a week. The 1st shift is 10 am to 3 pm; with the 2nd shift from 3 pm to 8 pm. But I'm sure that we can use you for 1 or 2 hours at a time.
2nd Vice Commander Jim McCrady (623-332-3117) is responsible for the scheduling of officers and volunteers to work these two shifts. If you can't complete a complete 5-hour shift, we can work something out.
We need one member / volunteer person to check membership cards per shift at the entrance door on the west side, where the red canopy is. This is also the main entrance into the Social Quarters. Any member of the American Legion can visit our post along with one guest (spouse, family member or friend) as long as the member has his/her current membership card (2020 or 2021). Right now, that is being done by a Post Officer.
NOTE: The post officer on duty has the authority to act in the Commander's absence. Consider this officer to be the manager (owner) of the building; who is not held in strictly compliance with these requirement (like standing or mingling). It is a part of our job to check on the patrons and employees as deemed necessary. 
A second member / volunteer is needed per shift to escort members and guests to a designated seating area (bar top or table). There isn't any Open Seating (defined as a patron choosing their own seat; or having the ability to move seats). The patron has to stay seated throughout the duration of their visit except to visit the bathroom or using the jukebox, lottery or ATM machine. NO FOOD is served in the Social Quarters other than hot dogs and pizza's.
The bartender or a volunteer will get the drinks orders for those seated at a table and bring them back to you - you can not go up to the bar to get your order (one of those rules we have to follow)
A third person is needed per shift to monitor and enforce physical distancing, as well as the rules against standing and mingling. You can also help the bartenders by cleaning down tables and chairs after the patrons leave.
This is a work in progress - thank you for your patience and understanding.








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