John J. Morris Post 62

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About Us

We are located at 9847 W. Desert Cove Ave., Peoria AZ 85345 off of 99th Ave (east side). We are north of Peoria Ave., and south of Sun City Blvd. Specifically, we are the big red brick building just south of the Immanuel Campus of Care nursing home. 

We have a full-service kitchen with a dining room (doubles as our Bingo Hall) and a social quarters (a.ka., bar) where you can dance or play pool or a game of electronic Bingo. We are a non-smoking post. There is an outside patio on the west side for smokers that has sunscreens that can be lowered and a misting system to cool things off a bit. You can bring your drink out to the patio. However, you can't take your drink onto the sidewalk or out to the parking lot - your membership will be suspended for such an infraction.


Post 62 Elections 17 May 2022 from 7 am to 6 pm (SPREAD THE WORD!)

Nominations for Commander: George Doyle & Tom McClain.  Nominations for 1st Vice Commander: Ken Ellison & Chuck Smith. Nominations for 2nd Vice Commander: Bud Gay. Nominations for Finance Officer: Rich Aguirre. Nominations for the 4 Executive Committee members: Tony Carrillo, Lee Griggs, Cleo Klein, Joe Marak (pronounced Ma-rack), Curt Sapp & Bob Singer.  You must show a current-year Post 62 membership card to receive a ballot.  At 7 pm (note the time), the GMM will commence and the Adjutant will announce the results of the election when called upon by the Commander.                                                                         

And, after the election, the newly-elected Post Commander will be looking to appoint members to certain positions like: Adjutant, Chaplain, Historian, Judge Advocate and Sergeant-At-Arms. If you are interested in being considered for one of these positions; let me know and I’ll pass that information along.



RED (Remember Everyone Deployed) shirts are now available at the Post; Men's sizes Large, X-Large and XX-Large. For the Ladies, V-neck sizes are: S, M, Large, X-Large and XX-Large. Get yours today while quantities last! 



This past Friday, a plumber was called out to check the lines of the urinal in the Social Quarters Men's Room because it was not draining. The plumber discovered a large wad of paper towels put there on purpose by some knucklehead just wanting to create some damage. Think about this - he moved the urinal cake and the strainer before stuffing the paper towels down there. This repair cost us $426 (plumber gave us a $100 discount - thank you). Then, only hours later, another knucklehead disposed of his chewing tobacco product in the urinal. If you are feeling destructive, please stay home. The Management thanks you.





"No more membership renewal notices will be sent reminding you to renew. The money that National Headquarters saves by not sending renewal notices can be used to help a veteran in need and to continue supporting our great programs." NOTE: 2023 cards will be available on 1 July.


Queen of Hearts

Raffle is open to only American Legion Family members 21 years of age or older. Note: Tentative new members aren’t eligible to play until voted in by their prospective General Membership Meeting (Legion, Auxiliary & Sons). It is the responsibility of members who participate in this raffle to stay current on the Queen of Hearts Raffle rules posted with the cards. There is a question about Guests. As per our House Rules, "All guests eligible for membership in the American Legion are asked to join. Those electing not to do so will have visitation privileges discontinued after three (3) visits in one year." Wives of members fall into this category as they are eligible to join the Auxiliary. This could become an issue as the crowd builds along with the size of the pot!



We ask that members and/or guests refrain from bringing items picked from trees to the Post, leaving them either outside on the patio or in the foyer. These items attract a "ginormous" amount of gnats into the building. Instead, donate your picked items to a local food bank or city Senior Center.

DID YOU KNOW? If you buy the winning Powerball or Mega Millions jackpot ticket at Post 62, as an incentive, the Post gets a $50,000 reward for selling that ticket - something to think about! 


ARE YOU INTERESTED? The Post 62 Junior Air Rifle team is looking for assistant coaches to help train 14-17 kids on the team. It does require the completion of some online junior marksmanship training courses. For more information, contact Tom McClain @ 623-337-6518. Thank you.

(Donated by Wilbur Dukes, USAF)

What is unique about China Post 1?

Among other things, it is a post - the only post - operating in exile. Post 1 was formed in 1919 and chartered in 1920, and made its home at the American Club in Shanghai. During the late 1940s, the battle between communist and nationalist forces for control of China was settled in favor of the communists. In November 1948, Post 1 sent its records to National Headquarters in Indianapolis and went into exile.

Today, China Post 1 is part of the Department of France and a member of FODPAL (Foreign Departments and Posts of The American Legion). The post still has no permanent home, although "watering holes" around the globe offer a space for meetings, which are considere to occur "wherever two or more members meet." (from the American Legion website).



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