John J. Morris Post 62

Games, karaoke allowed once again

in Arizona bars after ban

The Arizona Department of Health Services is loosening its rules, allowing bars to offer games and karaoke during the COVID-19 pandemic, two things not allowed previously when reopening.

It’s another step in helping these establishments stay afloat as some businesses use games and karaoke to attract most customers.

The change goes into effect immediately (as of 22 October).

One restriction still in place: Dancing. Billiards, darts and karaoke are back on the table again, including axe throwing. The games are back on but with several restrictions such as social distancing and with fewer players. Those singing must keep their masks on.

We are OPEN!!!

In the past few weeks, there have been 3 anonymous and 1 in-person complaint about things happening at the post. In order to keep the post open (and protect our liquor license), the officers, employees and volunteers of Post 62 are still working to ensure the post can remain open. This means you should be prepared for the following changes:

Please note that we have to comply with the Arizona Deparment of Health Services. It doesn't matter that other similar places aren't doing this (they probably didn't have any anonymous complaints). The officers are tasked with keeping this post open - all we need is you to bring this place ALIVE.  

 Please visit this website often as more information becomes available. Also see our newsletter as well. 










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