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About Us

We are located at 9847 W. Desert Cove Ave., Peoria AZ 85345 off of 99th Ave (east side). We are north of Peoria Ave., and south of Sun City Blvd. Specifically, we are the big red brick building just south of the Immanuel Campus of Care nursing home. Our Hours of Operation are Monday thru Saturday from 9 am to 10 pm, and Sundays from 9 am to 8 pm (closing at discretion of bartenders). We have a full-service kitchen with a dining room (doubles as our Bingo Hall) and a social quarters (a.ka., bar) where you can dance or play pool or a game of electronic Bingo. We are a non-smoking post. There is an outside patio on the west side for smokers that has a misting system and shade screens.


Post Election of Officers for 2023-2024

Of approx 1,611 members, 121 ballots were requested and/or filled out. The results of the 16 May Elections are as follows:

  • Commander: Tom McClain (incumbent) - 105 votes. Write-ins were: Bud Gay - 1 vote; Rich Aguirre - 1 vote; Mike Montague - 1 vote; Mike Blake - 1 vote; and Mr. X - 1 vote.
  • 1st Vice Commander: George Doyle (incumbent) - 74 votes; and Ken Ellison - 45 votes. There were no write-ins. 
  • 2nd Vice Commander: Bud Gay (incumbent) - 66 votes; Tom Ghrist - 51 votes. There were no write-ins. 
  • Finance Officer: Rich Aguirre (incumbent) - 113 votes. There were no write-ins
  • 4 ea Executive Committee members: Robert Gilmore - 56 votes; Cleo Klein (incumbent) - 88 votes; Mike Montague - 61 votes; Will Robbins - 51 votes; Bob Singer (incumbent) - 63 votes; Ronald Sarazin - 54 votes; and ALR member Curt Sapp (incumbent) - 74 votes

The Officer Installation Ceremony is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, 11 June @ 5 pm.


May is National Military Appreciation Month

May, marked officially as Military Appreciation Month, is a special month for both those in and out of the military.

Not only do we pause on Memorial Day to remember the sacrifice and service of those who gave all, but the month also holds several other military anniversaries and events, including Military Spouse Appreciation Day and Armed Forces Day.


Flag Retirement 30 May - 2 June @ Sunland Memoral Park





I recived an email on 31 March 2023 - the subject of the email is "A Important Message from the My Legion App". It goes on to say, "We are excited to inform you of a new development in regards to the cost of the My Legion app.  We are happy to announce that because of a generous donation from a National Benefactor, the new cost of the app is only $47.50 per month.

Our team has been working for over a year to develop the tools and resources to move the American Legion into the 21st century and to engage our members in new ways. The app has proven to lower costs, increase member participation and made communicating with your members easier than ever.

Although it looks real, IT IS NOT!!!! This is a SCAM!!!! Don't send any money!!!



New Look for our Patio

For those that frequent the patio, we replaced the old patio furniture with new furntiture. Some of the old furniture was wearing out. Our Finance Officer, Rich Aguirre, was able to sell some of the pieces that were still in fair shape - thank you, Rich!


And while we're on the subject of the patio, we finished the project to replace the metal railing.


Update: The City of Peoria sent out an inspector as a result of some anonymous complaints about the approval of the wall. After talking with Rich Aguirre, who verfied he touched bases with those in the City of Peoria Planning Office, the inspector saw no problem with the construction and approved it. Thank you once again, Rich!



2024 Membership cards will be available for renewal on Saturday 1 July 2023

There will be NO membership renewals accepted or processed (Legion, Auxiliary or SON's) on Mondays during the 3 pm to 8 pm Queen of Hearts Raffle timeframe as it was causing a gridlock at the door and the bar. 

Starting in April 2023, National will start printing up the 2024 membership cards to be sent to us by 1 July 2023. If you haven't renewed by the 1st of April 2023, your Continuous Years reverts back to 1 (one) - this can be remedied by me. 

And, if you are no longer interested in renewing, please let me know and I will notify National to stop the renewal notices.

You can renew ONLINE by going to  and click “Renew Now” to safely and conveniently pay your  dues. Once a member enters the information requested, he or she can set the account for automatic annual renewal, as well as select the option to receive email renewal notices instead of notices through the mail. If the membership is current, he or she may still choose to sign up for automatic annual renewal and/or to receive renewal notices by email only. Automatic renewal can also be set up by calling the toll-free American Legion customer service line at (800) 433-3318Once you renew, within 24 hours, National will notify your Adjutant who will mail your membership card to you, so ensure your Legion file has a correct mailing address, phone number contact, and email address if you want to get important notices from YOUR Post 62.




During the last state convention in Oro Valley, department representatives said that affected veterans should be aware and cautious when calling one of those agencies advertising on TV. Bergman & Moore LLC have Legion support. You can go to and click on The Camp Lejuene link that will take you to their site.    


Queen of Hearts

Ar last check, the current pot was over $9,301 as of 22 May @ 9 am when I looked at the board. Something New - for the next game, there will be an extra envelope added to the 54 envelopes with cards in them. This extra envelope will give the lucky person who selects it $500 (or 60%?) - not bad, huh?  Now for the rules: Raffle is open to only American Legion Family members 21 years of age or older with a current year 2023 or PUFL American Legion membership card. Note: Tentative new members aren’t eligible to play until voted in by their prospective General Membership Meeting (Legion, Auxiliary & Sons) and have an American Legion membership card in their possession. It is the responsibility of members who participate in this raffle to stay current on the Queen of Hearts Raffle rules posted with the cards.  Note: For those who have digital pictures of their membership cards on their phones? These membership cards must be signed by a Legion officer and the member as well. As it says underneath the signature block, "NOT valid unless coutersigned by members." 



RED (Remember Everyone Deployed) shirts are now available at the Post; Men's sizes Large, X-Large and XX-Large. For the Ladies, V-neck sizes are: S, M, Large, X-Large and XX-Large for $20 each. Get yours today while quantities last!



DID YOU KNOW? If you buy the winning Powerball or Mega Millions jackpot ticket at Post 62, as an incentive, the Post gets a $50,000 reward for selling that ticket - something to think about! 




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