John J. Morris Post 62


(As Of: 05/20/20) 

The following list identifies the type of Color/Honor Guard (C/HG) Events and responsibilities that the Post 62 C/HG will execute during the subject year. The List of items have been annotated as either under the principal purview of the Captain of the Post 62 Color Guard or the Lieutenant of the Post 62 Color Guard. In the circumstance where either the Captain or the Lieutenant are not available, the other individual will assume total responsibility of the Color Guard Event execution. In all instances, the Captain of the Color Guard has the final Event decision authority.


Veteran Related Ceremonies:

  • Veteran burial memorial ceremonies (executed at interment site) (Lieutenant)
  • Veteran's Celebrations of Life (held @ Post 62 facility) (Lieutenant)
  • Veteran of the Month Ceremonies (held @ Post 62 Flag Pole) (Captain)
  • Veteran "Pinning" Ceremonies (A partnership program held @ multiple sites) (Lieutenant)

Flag Related Ceremonies:

  • Flag Honoring ceremonies (4th of July, Memorial Day, Veteran's Day, etc) (Normally consists of a Flag Raising at the Post 62 Flag Pole) (Captain)
  • Flag Postings (held @ Post 62 & District 11 meetings) (Captain)
  • Flag Raisings (held @ Schools, etc.) (Lieutenant)
  • Flag Etiquette Presentations (held @ Schools/Organizations) (Shared responsibility)

Other Ceremonies: (Combinations of the above events and other configurations) (As agreed to and required)

Color Guard Membership, Training & Equipment: (Shared responsibility as required)


Frank Sisti, C/HG Captain                    Terry Stauffer, C/HG Lieutenant                        John Murnan, Post 62 Commander                                      

(602) 538-6554                                        (623) 206-8962                                                        (623) 363-6672

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