John J. Morris Post 62

Historian Responsibilities


The work of post historian is cumulative. it is wise to leave the responsibility to one person if handled well.
There should be close cooperation between the post adjutant and the historian. The former works with records on matters of current interest, the latter on matters of historical interest. The post historian should also keep in touch with the department historian and be prompt in answering inquiries. An annual report should be made to the department historian prior to the department convention.
Copies of printed material regarding the post should be deposited in local and state libraries, as well as in the post and department archives. This will prevent complete loss of records through fire or other catastrophe, as well as provide source material for those looking for information about The American Legion. An outline for a one-year post narrative history and yearbook is provided in the Post Manual.

The post historian should attend department conventions and make a point of knowing what historians of nearby posts are doing.