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At the 75th American Legion National Convention in Pittsburgh in 1993, the American Legion passed Resolution No. 159, officially adopting the Veteran of the Month program, which honors deceased veterans and fallen warriors by flying their burial flags. Eligible honorees include deceased veterans with honorable discharges, U.S. servicemembers who died on active duty, those who remain missing in action, and civilian employees of the armed services who were granted veteran status.

The veteran's personal history and military service are profiled in advance publicity, and read at the flag raising and again at the flag-lowering service at the (first) day of the month. The service includes "Taps", along with the folding and presentation of the burial flag to a member of the deceased's family.

Post 62 performs the Veteran of the Month ceremony at the Post flag pole on the first day of each month. Just before the ceremony is to begin, the Social Quarters and the patio area is closed for the duration of the ceremony. Members and guests will need to go outside and show honor and respect to our Post 62 Family as one of their deceased military family members are being honored. Once the ceremony is over, the Social Quarters and patio will be reopened. We thank you for your cooperation.

To submit your deceased Veteran for this honor, please contact the American Legion Color/Honor Guard Captain.


Veteran of the Month for January 2023


Charles George Bicket was born October 26, 1910 to Charles and Martha Otteson Bicket, seventh of nine children, 6 girls and 3 boys.  The family lived on a farm in southern Illinois, where a faithful mother saw that the family got to church each Sunday by horse and wagon, many miles away in Tuden.  George’s father worked in the  mines to supplement the farm’s income and all helped with chores to keep the farm going.  The family moved to Sparta, Illinois in 1920, where at the age of 13, George committed his life to Christ.  In 1928 he graduated from Sparta Township High School, and remained an avid learner all of his life.

At 18, George left home to live with a sister and find work in St. Louis.  He worked for Western Electric Company for one year and then came the Great Depression.  After persistent searching, George found a position with the Glove-Democrat newspaper in 1932.  December 31, 1932, George and Anne Allena Brown were married at Water Tower Baptist Church by their beloved pastor and friend, Re. D. F. Risk with may friends attending.  Over the next 20 years, four children were born to them, and eventually, 10 grandchildren.

George served in the Merchant Marine during WW II.  Then, working long hard hours, he started and built his own heating and cooling business, Comfort-Aire, Inc., which he operated until 1994.  George served in his community in garden Neighborhood Association, as a Republican committeeman, an election judge, and as an advocate for community needs by his letter writing, for example, as an early opponent of air pollution.

For 25 years George served the Lord at Water Tower Baptist Church, serving as a deacon, teaching teenage boys for 15years, and serving as a Sunday School superintendent.  In 1957 the family moved their church membership closer to home, at Tower Grove Baptist Church, where George continued teaching youth for over 18 years and later, adult men. He served also as a deacon, and in various other helping ministries and committees, often donating his expertise and effort installing and maintaining the heating cooling systems.

His children remember hos faithfully he prepared his lessons, and visited those under his care; members of his classes and those who were sick.  He personally participated in the starting of three mission churches, including Crestwood Baptist Church, and in constructing a building for Calvary Baptist Church in Aberdeen, NJ.  He considered his work another avenue for ministry, often going our in the bitterest cold of winter to fix a furnace for family “because they might suffer for the cold.”

George died on July 4th, 1995.  A comfort to him as he struggled with lung disease that finally ended his life was the verse for Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me.”

George was survived by his brother Ray and sister Mary, his four children, James Michael, John Richard, Nadine Ann, and Virginia Lynn, and their families, including 10 grandchildren, Michael, Kathleen, Kelly, Kerry, Daniel, Stephen, Bartholomew, Harrison, Cornelia and Crawford.