John J. Morris Post 62


Audit Committee:   Chaired by the Judge Advocate and consisting of three (3) additional members appointed by the Commander, the committee shall conduct an audit of the financial records and accounts pertaining to all post activities within a thirty (30) day period immediately preceding the annual election.   They shall present the result of the audit to the Executive Board for approval.

Entertainment Committee:   The Entertainment Committee shall consist of the members of the House Committee and any others approved by the Second Vice Commander.  The Committee will select forms of entertainment, such as bands, acts and other groups in support of Post and Social Center events.

Finance Committee:  Chaired by the Finance Officer and will consist of four other Post members.  They shall be charged with the administration of the financial policy, preparation of the budget, recommendation and supervision of receiving, disbursing and accounting of all Post revenues.

House Committee:   Chaired by the Second Vice Commander, and consisting of four (4) other non-Executive Board members that are nominated by the Second Vice Commander and approved by the Commander, shall oversee the operations of the Post Home.  The Chairman shall vote on issues as a tie-breaker only. The Committee will act as an avenue to bring member/s grievances or suggestions for change and improvement to the Executive Board.  They will monitor the state of repairs to Post facilities, equipment and building.  They will recommend to the Executive Board alterations and changes to improve services to the membership.  They will recommend changes in cost of food and beverages served in the post.  The Executive Board will act on and respond to each recommendation made by the House Committee.   The House Committee will meet as needed or the first Tuesday of every month at a time prescribed by the Second Voice Commander.   The time of the meeting will be posted on the Social Center bulletin board for the benefit of the general membership.

Life Membership:   The Commander will be the Chair of this Committee consisting of two (2) Board Members and two (2) other non-Executive Board Members.   All four (4) members to be chosen by the Commander and approved by the General Membership.  This Committee will process the Life Membership nomination in accordance with Article IV Section 8 of the Constitution.  If a member of the Committee is nominated, that person will abstain from participation in processing of that nomination.

Membership Committee:  Chaired by the First Vice Commander and the Membership Committee. The Membership Committee shall be responsible for ensuring new members are presented for acceptance at the next Post General Membership Meeting after eligibility has been determined by the Adjutant and introducing new members for initiation.  Ensuring follow-up action is taken on delinquent members to determine reason for delinquency.  Furnish membership reports to the Executive Board each month.

Nomination Committee:   The Nomination Committee Chairman will be appointed by the Commander as needed prior to the annual Post Election.   The Chairman will select two (2) members to form a Nomination Committee.  The Committee will establish a slate of candidates and present their recommendations to the General Membership on the third Tuesday of April at the scheduled membership meeting.   The Nomination Committee is not a standing committee; the Chairman and members may change each year.  

Publicity Committee:   The Publicity Committee, chaired by the Historian, shall be charged with the promotion of public support of the Legions program by establishment of proper contact with the American Legion magazine, Departmental and National News Service and by local publicity of the Post programs and activities.

Service Committee:   Chaired by the Service Officer, who shall supervise all matters pertaining to the service to comrades in the prosecution of all claims against the United States or State government; employment, relief, etc.

Social Center Committee:   Chaired by the Post Commander and consisting of the First Vice Commander, the Second Vice Commander and the Finance Officer this committee shall have oversight on all social functions within the confines of the Post.  They will act in concert with one another.  No single committee member shall have final authority without prior consultation of the other committee members.  The Commander will break all tie votes. This committee shall also act in concert with the volunteer coordinator concerning housekeeping, bingo program, janitorial and set up requirements.   This committee shall also monitor the state of repairs to Post facilities, equipment and physical plant.  They will recommend changes in cost of food and beverages served at the Post for approval by the Executive Board and shall meet as necessary.  The Social Center Committee will be responsible for the hiring and discharging of employees, subject to Article III, Section 5 – A.