John J. Morris Post 62

Rental of Facilities Information

  • The maximum capacity for renters and guests is 180 in the Bingo Hall. Any group surpassing this capacity will be asked to leave the premises.
  • There is absolutely no smoking permitted anywhere inside the building. When smoking outside, please pick up your cigarette butts.
  • Not Allowed in Building: No weapons of any kind. No carry-in alcohol of any type.
  • The renter and their guests are to abide by the Post 62 and Arizona Liquor laws. All Beverages must be purchased and consumed in the rental hall. You cannot take it out onto the sidewalk, landscape, or parking lot of Post 62. The renter and their guests further agree not to serve any alcoholic beverages directly or indirectly to underage persons or adults disqualified from additional consumption.
  • Entertainment will be provided by renter.
  • The renter agrees to return the premises of Post 62 in the same condition as rented from the Post.
  • Post 62 is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal items or rental equipment brought into the Post. In addition, Post 62 is not liable for any personal injuries that may occur during the rental period. 

The following fees are applicable for the rental of Post 62:

  • Hall Rental Fee: $125 per hour; 4 hour minimum. Then, 1/2 hour increments after that at $75 per half hour. 
  • Use of Hall with Bartender: $150 per hour; 4 hour minimum. Then 1/2 hour increments after that at $75 per half hour.
  • Damage/Security Deposit: $200 by check; refundable. It will be held and mailed back to you within 5 business days if no damage is identified. Damage to the Hall will be charged to your security deposit. If more than $200 damage occurs, you will be responsible for the balance - this includes inside and outside the hall.
  • Clean up Fee: $100; to include bathrooms.
  • Kitchen use will be quoted per event.