John J. Morris Post 62

Bar Bingo in the Social Quarters & Bingo Hall.

Sundays from 1 pm to approx. 5 pm, AND Thursdays from 4 pm until approx. 8 pm.

You buy a Bingo card for $1 each (we provide the crayon). As our Master of Ceremonies calls out the numbers, you cross them off your card with our crayon. When you cross off all 5 spots, you win (or share) the prize after the winning numbers are confirmed. Every 5th game, there is a larger version (and larger payout…). There is almost always a jovial atmosphere. The game is supported each week by volunteers from the Auxiliary, Riders, SONs, or the Legion. On some days, a meal can also be purchased for a nominal fee. 

Due to a resurgence in COVID-19 cases, Thursday Bingo (NOT Bar Bingo) has been discontinued, and Saturday Bingo has been suspended until further notice! This is due,in part, to social distancing requirements and the lack of volunteers.

We are looking for Bingo Callers.  The Bingo Caller is like the Master of Ceremonies of the Bingo game. Bingo callers have a certain je-ne-sais-quoi. Although their role is "simply" to collect bingo balls and call them out so that people can daub their numbers on their bingo cards/sheets, their personalities always shine through the cards whether they're proclaming "B-2" or revealing the ball "O-62" (for Post 62), you can tell straight away if they have a sense of humor and confidence. Come on and give it a try. Our Bingo Manager, Vern Fry, will train you.

And, speaking of Bingo Managers : Sometime in the near future, our current Bingo Manager is retiring after hearing his 500,000th "Bingo". This person manages and directs the activities of the bingo functions on Thursdays, Saturdays & Sundays. This includes approving jackpots and payouts and ensures that all appropriate forms are completed. Again, Vern Fry will train you.


EVERY SATURDAY - 25 cent Bingo at 9:15 am; Regular Bingo at 12 Noon

Coffee, Pastries, Soup, Sandwiches and Other Refreshment Available.



$100   Game 1    ORANGE     LETTER "X" No N's   

$100   Game 2    PURPLE      REGULAR BINGO or 4 CORNERS  

$100   Game 3    PINK            DOUBLE POSTAGE STAMP  No N's     



$150   Game 4    BLUE           LETTER "Z" with one wild # 

$100   Game 5    ORANGE     DOUBLE BINGO 4 corners count

$150   Game 6    GREEN        LETTER "H" with two wild #'s  No N's

$100   Game 7    YELLOW      CHECKMARK

$150   Game 8    PINK            LUCKY "7" with one wild #

$100   Game 9    GREY          DIAGONAL + 4 CORNERS   No N's

$100   Game 10  OLIVE          6 PACK ANYWHERE

$150   Game 11                      DOUBLE ACTION $1 EACH (NOT SOLD IN PACKS)

*************** INTERMISSION ***************

15 GAMES - ADMISSION PACK (continued)

$100   Game 12   BROWN      ANY OUTSIDE LINE

$100   Game 13   RED            SHORT "I"  No B's or O's

$100   Game 14   PURPLE      REGULAR BINGO or 4 CORNERS

$150   Game 15   BLACK        ODD or EVEN COVERALL

$100   Game 16   AQUA          CRAZY KITE   No N's

$150   Game 17   BLUE          LETTER "F" with one wild #

$100   Game 18   ORANGE    9 PACK ANYWHERE with one wild #

$1,000 Game 19   GREEN      COVERALL JACKPOT - 48#'s or Less $1,000 - Progresses 1# per week until won.

            CONSOLATION JACKPOT $350 - Consolation Jackpot increase $25 per week until $1,000 Jackpot won!


"MINI BINGO - 9:15 am to 11:30 am - 25 cents per Game