John J. Morris Post 62

Bar Bingo in the Social Quarters & Bingo Hall.

Sundays from 1 pm to approx. 5 pm, AND Thursdays from 4 pm until approx. 8 pm.

You buy a Bingo card for $1 each (we provide the crayon). As our Master of Ceremonies calls out the numbers, you cross them off your card with our crayon. When you cross off all 5 spots, you win (or share) the prize after the winning numbers are confirmed. Every 5th game, there is a larger version (and larger payout…). There is almost always a jovial atmosphere. The game is supported each week by volunteers from the Auxiliary, Riders, SONs, or the Legion. On some days, a meal can also be purchased for a nominal fee. The current pot is over $9,400 as of 9 Nov 2020

Due to a resurgence in COVID-19 cases, Thursday Bingo (NOT Bar Bingo) has been discontinued, and Saturday Bingo has been suspended until further notice! This is due,in part, to a lack of volunteers.

We are looking for Bingo Callers.  The Bingo Caller is like the Master of Ceremonies of the Bingo game. Bingo callers have a certain je-ne-sais-quoi. Although their role is "simply" to collect bingo balls and call them out so that people can daub their numbers on their bingo cards/sheets, their personalities always shine through the cards whether they're proclaming "B-2" or revealing the ball "O-62" (for Post 62), you can tell straight away if they have a sense of humor and confidence. Come on and give it a try. Our Bingo Manager, Vern Fry, will train you.

And, speaking of Bingo Managers : Sometime in the near future, our current Bingo Manager is retiring after hearing his 500,000th "Bingo". This person manages and directs the activities of the bingo functions on Thursdays, Saturdays & Sundays. This includes approving jackpots and payouts and ensures that all appropriate forms are completed. Again, Vern Fry will train you.


EVERY SATURDAY - 25 cent Bingo at 9:15 am; Regular Bingo at 12 Noon

Coffee, Pastries, Soup, Sandwiches and Other Refreshment Available.



$100   Game 1    ORANGE     LETTER "X" No N's   

$100   Game 2    PURPLE      REGULAR BINGO or 4 CORNERS  

$100   Game 3    PINK            DOUBLE POSTAGE STAMP  No N's     



$150   Game 4    BLUE           LETTER "Z" with one wild # 

$100   Game 5    ORANGE     DOUBLE BINGO 4 corners count

$150   Game 6    GREEN        LETTER "H" with two wild #'s  No N's

$100   Game 7    YELLOW      CHECKMARK

$150   Game 8    PINK            LUCKY "7" with one wild #

$100   Game 9    GREY          DIAGONAL + 4 CORNERS   No N's

$100   Game 10  OLIVE          6 PACK ANYWHERE

$150   Game 11                      DOUBLE ACTION $1 EACH (NOT SOLD IN PACKS)

*************** INTERMISSION ***************

15 GAMES - ADMISSION PACK (continued)

$100   Game 12   BROWN      ANY OUTSIDE LINE

$100   Game 13   RED            SHORT "I"  No B's or O's

$100   Game 14   PURPLE      REGULAR BINGO or 4 CORNERS

$150   Game 15   BLACK        ODD or EVEN COVERALL

$100   Game 16   AQUA          CRAZY KITE   No N's

$150   Game 17   BLUE          LETTER "F" with one wild #

$100   Game 18   ORANGE    9 PACK ANYWHERE with one wild #

$1,000 Game 19   GREEN      COVERALL JACKPOT - 48#'s or Less $1,000 - Progresses 1# per week until won.

            CONSOLATION JACKPOT $350 - Consolation Jackpot increase $25 per week until $1,000 Jackpot won!


"MINI BINGO - 9:15 am to 11:30 am - 25 cents per Game